The module will focus on the positive effects of mindful design on staff well being and performance within the physical work environment. The course content will make particular reference to how new digital collaboration implicates spatial planning within the office and will offer suggestions for new design methods towards creating hard wearing, adaptive and high performance spaces of the future.


Course price  R350
Delivery Method Digital Comprehension with online quiz
Category and points allocation Category 1, 0.15CPD points
Course time allocation 1.5 hours 
Student discount 20% (email for coupon)
Accreditation This course is accredited with The Gauteng Institute for Architecture and will be recognized by SACAP


  1. Comprehensively understand what drives performance
  2.  Grasp the six key drivers to office design performance.
  3. Discern how 'work comfort' design can be more intentionally geared around encouraging a heightened productivity in both teams and individuals.
  4. Indicate what the four "P's" stand to achieve.
  5. By reading the four case studies, correctly indicate the key design techniques that were implemented to achieve spaces which accelerate change and growth.
  6. Based on the presented case studies, conclusively comment on the most successful design techniques being implemented.

This course is also available as Bundle - SAVE R600!

This bundle is SACAP Accredited and validated by the Gauteng Institute for Architecture at 1CPD point (CAT 1)