This module highlights the stark differences between the linear work environment of the 20th century and the emergence of hyper-collaboration in the 21st century. By analysing how  the introduction of new technologies for architectural design and drafting have brought with them the need for teams that are made up of team members with diverse skill-sets, the course content will introduce participants to the mechanisms of managing agile teams with particular reference to individuality, team empowerment and positive personal interaction. 


Course price  R350
Delivery Method Digital Comprehension with online quiz
Category and points allocation Category 1, 0.15CPD pointS
Course time allocation 1.5 hours 
Student discount 20% (email for coupon)
Accreditation This course is accredited with The Gauteng Institute for Architecture and will be recognized by SACAP


  1. Understanding barriers to team work and cross-functional collaboration
  2. Understanding the key concepts necessary to assemble project teams based on skill-sets vs hierarchy
  3. Understanding the physical spaces and collaboration techniques that make agility in the workplace meaningful. 

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This bundle is SACAP Accredited and validated by the Gauteng Institute for Architecture at 1CPD point (CAT 1)