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Sharing the skills on how to create inclusive buildings and spaces.

The Inclusive architecture course comprises 10 lectures which are designed to give an understanding of what inclusive architecture is, who it affects, why it is needed and how it should be incorporated into the design of new buildings, existing spaces and their surrounding environments.

The lectures explain the relevant principles used in designing inclusive buildings and include best practice examples. It will also highlight common elements in existing buildings which exclude persons with disabilities through examples and a practical workshop.

This is a course for those who desire to know their legal responsibilities in the design and management of a building as well as learn skills development for current and future design opportunities. 


Course price  R2700 (Early bird save R450)
Delivery Method Self-paced pre-recorded webinar with Quiz and Physical workshop
Category and points allocation 2CPD points (Category 1)
Course time allocation 12 hours 
Student discount 20% (email admin@cpdconnect.education for coupon)
Accreditation This course is validated by The Gauteng Institute for Architecture and accredited by SACAP


Part A: Lectures

  1. Understanding Inclusive Architecture- what is it
  2. Building regulations and requirements
  3. External and urban environment
  4. Entrances and horizontal circulation
  5. Vertical Circulation
  6. Internal Environment and services
  7. Sanitary facilities
  8. Building types and different facilities
  9. Emergency egress
  10. Building Management.

Part B: Practical workshop (in Person)

This workshop will comprise me taking a group of the learners with a practical walk through an existing building facility where we are able to highlight the current barriers to persons with disabilities and the positive design aspects that exist. The course will have certain “on loan” demo wheelchairs, sets of crutches, walker/s and blindfolds. The group will take it in turns to use the different items during our walkthrough to experience and gain a closer understanding of the difficulties of moving through the built environment with a disability.

Meet your instructor

Professional Architect, accessibility and inclusive design specialist

Jason Mazaham

Jason Mazaham of Perception Architects and Interior Designs is a wheelchair user and accessibility specialist and has been working in the architectural field for the last 15 years and as a specialist Accessibility Consultant.