The course content will make particular reference to how the digital AI realm is becoming a daily physical dwelling space for meetings, hang outs and office environments highlighting how adaptive spatial planning towards the AI realm is becoming increasingly necessary in order to produce the high performance future spaces desired and required.


Course price  R350
Delivery Method Digital Comprehension with online quiz
Category and points allocation Category 1, 0.15CPD points
Course time allocation 1.5 hours 
Student discount 20% (email for coupon)
Accreditation This course is accredited with The Gauteng Institute for Architecture and will be recognized by SACAP


  1. Have a deeper insight into the increasing percentages of a freelance workforce and how this impacts flexible work spaces.
  2. Grasp the importance of data categorizing tools and open our design thoughts to AI digital architectural design.
  3. Discern how digital collaboration is transforming work flows, production timelines and how spacial design processes need to accommodate this.
  4. Understand design tools used to assist in producing a mobile work force which can result in healthier spaces.
  5. Have exposure to what a simple AI office space may need to become and how the design flows would evolve around this.
  6. The 'doing away with' of digital presence disparity through walkthrough technologies and how the future of spacial design can accommodate this.

This course is also available as Bundle - SAVE R600!

This bundle is SACAP Accredited and validated by the Gauteng Institute for Architecture at 1CPD point (CAT 1)