The inevitability of change is the only constant, yet Architectural businesses continue to operate in reaction to ever-evolving project demands. The change management module will explore how traditional design firms can implement the 4 strategies of proactive planning in order that they may drive design innovation as well as company culture towards the effective implementation of their change management processes


Course price  R350
Delivery Method Digital Comprehension with online quiz
Category and points allocation Category 1, 0.15CPD points
Course time allocation 1.5 hours 
Student discount 20% (email for coupon)
Accreditation This course is accredited with The Gauteng Institute for Architecture and will be recognized by SACAP


  1. Understanding the ingredients to successful change management
  2. Understanding the timelines associated with change management and the assembly of strategic task teams
  3. The ability to assess the context, complexity and risks associated with a change management plan and its suitability for the participants practise.

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This bundle is SACAP Accredited and validated by the Gauteng Institute for Architecture at 1CPD point (CAT 1)