NCS Colour course

The use of Colour in international design

The NCS Colour Course presents a workshop for professional colour users and communicators enabling them to use colour more efficiently and have a better understanding of how colour works. The course aims at giving a basic knowledge about colour as visual phenomena. A thorough explanation of the Natural Colour System theoretically together with a series of exercises will be covered. Colour usage and design in South Africa will also be discussed. This course is validated by The Gauteng Institute for Architects and accredited for 2 CAT 1 CPD points with The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP)
NCS Colour Course

A Message from our Founders

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    The role of the Architectural professional is ever evolving. With this constant change is the need to adapt to the use of new techniques and to invest in the acquiring of new skills. We have designed CPD Connect as an online community for learning, but a passionate and creative community nonetheless! Our goal is to cultivate strong industry partnerships in the development of robust course content and to ensure the validation of our courses with recognised voluntary associations in South Africa. We support educational continuity. To this end, we have launched CPD Connect modules as a series of smaller courses making the course structure affordable and self-paced and giving you (as a member of the CPD Connect community) access to the best possible course content and a well managed learning experience. We hope that all those considerations will prove beneficial and propel your efficacy in the workplace and the greater profession. Sincerely, Sinethemba Sade Buthelezi (Co-Founder CPD Connect)

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    Welcome to CPD Connect, a platform that has been designed to host a fully digital CPD programme. Imagine an online, incentivized, architectural library for education, trade, people and business. A platform filled with knowledge to use, in the now. CPD Connect offers members of the architectural fraternity an opportunity to view CPD Connect content on demand and for an affordable prices. It is a new ‘venue’ for accessible, current courses bring an alternative to the physical CPD events currently not in attendance due to the COVID19 lockdown and beyond! CPD modules are accredited by GIFA and will present a range of courses which will continuously seek to be high end education material which is useful, current, updated and impactful. Sincerely, Angela Vougiouklis (Co-Founder CPD Connect)

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  • What is CPD?

    Continuous Professional Development (CPD) education is stipulated by the South African council for Architecture. Under the law all registered persons must participate in CPD activities in order to remain relevant within the profession and to retain their registration. However, attending CPD activities in the form of workshops isn’t always possible. CPD Connect has put together an e-learning platform that allows registered persons (who are based locally & abroad) to maintain compliance with the regulatory body. Our courses will be expanded from time to time in the areas of workplace management, architectural/interior design, teamwork, trade/technical application, green building design or statutory regulations.

  • Accreditation

    All CPD Courses administered by CPD Connect are validated by a recognised voluntary association in accordance with Section 12 of Act 44 of 2000 for continuing professional development. This means that all course certificate will be received by The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) as valid CPD certificate submissions.

  • Global Research

    We have made it our goal to ensure that all courses administered by CPD Connect are research rich and are informed by local and global design imperatives.